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Hi Marcus,

Like I said before i don't have any experience with those keyboards, but looking at the ini-file it tells me the following ...

I only had a look at winamp and I GUESS (not sure) that it means :

WinAmp3=key,studio.exe,STUDIO,xxx,xxx,X,C,V,Z,B,0, 1,WinAmp 3
Winamp3 -> I think it's just a name for your application
key -> the Itouch keys simulate KEYboard shortcuts
studio.exe -> the actual application (not sure I don't have winamp 3)
STUDIO -> (no clue whatsoever, maybe the Class name)
xxx,xxx -> I guess these parameters are not used when you specified "key"before.
X -> play
C -> pause
v -> stop
z -> previous
b -> next
0,1 -> not sure, always used I guess
Winamp -> name of the application.

Now with all these assumptions you could try the following for BSplayer:

BSplayer=key,bsplayer.exe,TApplicationTApplication ,xxx,xxx,X,C,V,Y,B,0,1,BSplayer
I'm not sure if it's going to work, but it's worth to give it a shot.
Let us know how it went and I will look into some more if needed.

Good luck,
Rafke P.
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