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Hi all.

To adicoto (o sa vorbesc in engleza sa ma inteleaga toata lumea :) ):
These movies show the main window:

Crash (xvid, mpeg layer III, 2ch, 48000 Hz)
Keep Your Distance (xvid, mpeg layer III, 2ch, 48000 Hz)
The Chronicles Of Narnia (xvid, mpeg layer III, 2ch, 44100 Hz)

These don't:

King Kong (xvid, mpeg layer III, 2ch, 48000 Hz)
serenity (xvid, mpeg layer III, 2ch, 48000 Hz)
The Constant Gardener (2005) (xvid, mpeg layer III, 2ch, 48000 Hz) (xvid, mpeg layer III, 2ch, 48000 Hz)

Frankly, I can't seem to notice much of a difference, but BSplayer seems to have it's own way of choosing movies. Maybe it's by content... :lol:

To Tizio:
Ok, you gave me an important clue: the main window is displayed if I press CTRL+R as you suggested. I think the window may have been there all the time, only it was invisible.
As for the program, it does not help too much, the window does not appear when I click Reset BSP position. However, the position is resetted, because if I press CTRL+R, now the window is in the upper left corner of the screen.

Thank you all for helping me out here. I really appreciate it.
So now we found the problem and I think it is BSplayer's problem: shouldn't the developers fix it?
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