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Default BUGS in BSplayer v1.41.832 (Normal/Pro)

1. As mentioned before, still can't add file extensions using "-" (like DVR-MS).
2. At least subtiles "split line if too long" option is not remembered upon installing.
3. As stated on news page: Update: If you downloaded BSplayer before 25.03.2006 18:10 (UTC/GMT), please redownload (option 'Allow multiple instances' was always enabled, skin was not remembered)
Skin is not remembered, but multiple instances is not always enabled ??? Weird.
4. I am runing single user XP instalation, can anybody confirm where configuration files are saved (seems not in user's folder).

Bug at 2. confirmed with 25.03.2006 build 831

5. If you enable in playlist options "full screen" single file loading go to full screen even if this option is not enabled in video options.
6. At least romanian lang pack is really outdated (dec 2005) even if newer version were send to BSPlayer team and posted onto the forum. (same thing for italian and netherlands files :( if you know what I mean)
7. BSPlayer still not capable to initialise my TV card by itself (virtualdub can, windvd creator can)
8. Invalid position at top of taskbar when reopening still present.
9. Subtitle position not remembered after upgrading. Even it's -15, subtitle start to be displayed from bottom of screen after upgrade in full screen. Smalles action put the subtitle in place, where it should be with -15 position.
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