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J7N & Tizio...and all others

Here is my latest update.

First of all J7N i downloaded and unpacked your version that you sent me without the installer. I unpacked it to a new folder..then like normal i hit bsplayer.exe...immediately it failed just like all the other versions 137 & 138 & 139 & 140....(Invalid page faults with address of zero's) (plus runtime errors)....So i tried all of the above versions both with SAVE adware and Pro versions without the bundled SAVE. Therefore i suspected something with my machine. (which is windows 98)...

So next i tried all of the above on my other TEST machine which is bare bones Windows 98 (It has only Win 98 on it no other software).

Since all the versions fail on both my machines...137 & 138 & 139 & 140...and ONLY... 1.36.825 or previous works for me perfectly on both my machines.

I can only think that is nothing to do with the adware SAVE or the installer...but...i has to do with all versions above 1.36.825 [ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS 98]....

So if anyone else is running Windows 98....NOT ME or SE or XP...just WIN98.....try test any version for me that is higher than 1.36.825...

Thanks....or any other solutions to my problem will be greatly appreciated..!!

§teve... :?
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