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Let alone the new kibi (Ki) and mibi (Mi) for now, I don't like them. I think bits should always be expressed in decimal manner, where 1 kBit = 1000 Bit.

Originally Posted by Techtarget
Some sources define a kilobit to mean 1,024 (that is, 210) bits. Although the bit is a unit of the binary number system, bits in data communications are discrete signal pulses and have historically been counted using the decimal number system. For example, 28.8 kilobits per second (Kbps) is 28,800 bits per second. [1]
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Kilobits are commonly used to express digital communication speeds, e.g. a 56 kbit/s PSTN or 512 kbit/s broadband Internet connection. In the context of telecommunication transmission speeds, the decimal definition 1 kbit = 1000 bit is used uniformly.[2]
and media stream bitrates closely relate to telecommunications.

However when storing these bits we cannot escape use of bytes. A certain amount of bytes is required for a given stream, then the usage of 2^(n*10) nobody is arguing about applies.
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