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Default playback ogm with two video streams

BST2K, I know that there is virtually no player around so far that can handle the task of being able to choose between 2 video streams in OGM, but I would be quite pleased if it were your player!! I guess it is not a question of the corresponding DIRECT SHOW FILTER because I was able to mux 2 vid + 2 aud streams into that OGM file. Beyond that the OGG container format was designed to hold as many different streams :lol:
I know that in most cases you won't need such feature but here it's a collection of music videos combined with making-ofs/alternative takes of exactly the same length whereas audio is the music on one hand and a commentatory track on the other. This way it'll be easy watching when I was able to switch between the original and alternative video stream.
Also I think that your player has to look up in OGG splitter anyway to find out about number of audio and subtitle streams anyway...
So I hope that it would be not too much workload though I know that everybody has explicit wishes to you for his special needs anyway.
Anybody else who appreciated that feature??
Keep forum organized and use the search button !! :o
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