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Default Ambilight for BSplayer

Hello BSplayer fans,

People often wonder why BSplayer is to be considered the best mediaplayer around. It already has a lot of features; some of them can also be found in others players, but today I would like to share with you all my latest add-on for BSplayer : MoMoLight.

What is MoMoLight ?

MoMoLight stands for Movie Mood Light.
It's my PC version of the Philips Ambilight system.
Three sets of CCFLs are placed behind the computer screen ( left, top and right) and display the average color of their corresponding part of the screen. This makes the screen look bigger and spices up the movie experience. (check out the Philips website for more info on Ambilight)

How does it work?

I've written a directshow filter which calculates the average values and sends them to a a microprocessor via the serial port.
The microprocessor then drives the CCFLs to display the correct colour with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).

What does it look like?

My intention was to make it as versatile as possible so I decided to split up the PCB in 2 parts :

"The brain"

The brain takes care of the PWM

"The power"

This part drives the lights.

Futhermore there are 3 sets of these :

I wanted to keep the CCFLs intact in case I want to use them for something else.
The downside of this approach is that I'm left with a lot of wires (as you can see).

Now what does it really look like?

A quick colour test with my test program:

And a shot with BSPlayer in action :

Notice the different colours on the left and right.

What does it look like with moving pictures?

Unfortunately I don't have the equipment to capture it in all its glory.
I do have a crappy movie taken with a HP digital photo camera.
WARNING: there is an iritating noise on the background so turn down your volume
Movie intro

Great where can I buy this?

Nowhere! I'm going to make a tutorial soon so everyone can build one.

I admit that there's still room for improvement but I already want to show you the power of BSplayer.

I hope you don't mind.
Rafke P.
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