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A good point to you. I put this option and forgot to put it back as the movie always start in the good mode.

At first it seems you made a similar INI file so my examples doesn't help you at all. Snif

Another point to look at and a common error made by people is that INI files MUST be in the root directory of the second CD. It works well if INI files are located on BSPlayer when you make tests on HDD but whenever you burn your CDs, the INI files on the first CD must be on the BSPlayer for example (they can be located elsewhere, it works too), BUT in the second CD they MUST be in the root of the structure of the CD.

In others words, when creating a multi-CD change, when the first CD reach the end of the movie, BSPlayer will look to the others CD-ROM drive if there is another INI. But how does it look for the INI? It ONLY looks in the root of the CD and if the INI file are deeper in the structure, located in a directory of the CD, BSPlayer won't see it.

I admit to made this error (who didn't?) at first but now I put my INI file in the root directory of the 2nd (and upper) CD, everything works fine.

I'm currently doing a 3 CDs set (3h37 long, 3 subtitles and 3 INI files) and I succeed (At last!) to do a full multi-change CD with chapters and images. When I'm on CD2 and click on a chapter that is located on CD3, BSPlayer ask me to load the CD and it works fine.

If anybody interested, I will tell you where on which newsgroup I'm going to post it (when it'll be finished) so that anyone could download it and examine how my INI files and structure works.
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