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Originally Posted by Tizio
Originally Posted by twsergio
Originally Posted by Tizio
Hi, have you tried to modify Subtitles' fonts?
Open BSplayer properties window (CTRL+P) and click on Subtitles section. Then Click on the "Font" button. Now, at the bottom of the font settings window you'll se a "Writing" or "Script" drop down listbox.Theorically if you have installed support for asian characters you'll be able to select Chinese (or Asian) script, this way your subtitles will be displayed correctly
Thank you for answer :)
I have installed winxp multilingual pack, but i can't see the chinese script (theres many script but not chinese) in bsplayer, can i download it from somewhere?
:? mmh, I don't know, never had the need to see/use chinese characters, so I don't know.. But.. are you sure to have installed also support for Chinese language? There are several languages you can add to the Windows installation, maybe you didn't installed also the Chinese one.. if you already installed also the support for Asian/Chinese language I don't really know how to help you (I don't have it too in the scripts list, but I didn't installed that language support)..
Thanks for your support! :)
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