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Default Re: Maybe we should just wait for BSPlayer 3...

There are things Jim said I agree with, and things I do not. Here are my comments.

Specifically, a compact tight program is turning into bloatware
I wonder why when a software gets new functions, it becomes a "bloatware". I think Webteh is going in the right direction when adding a media library, making the player universal, and extending its possibilities.
Microsoft did the same thing when going from Windows Media Player v6 to v7, and they were right to do it. In my opinion, it is very handy to get in one single program, a song player, movie player, a media library (a place where to launch the playback of all albums in your hard drive, instead of browsing through folders), an MP3/WMA ripping program, and a excellent tag editor. Now as BsPlayer evolves, we can see the same features in V2, added to the excellent assets of V1.
It is TRUE that Windows Media Player is a bigger program than, for example, Media Player Classic. It's true that it takes longer to start WMP than MPC, but WMP offers more functions. So I can accept to wait 1 second more of loading to get the extra functions!
I believe the old argument about a program being too bloaty belongs to those who want to save up every bit on their hard drive and ram. They should realize we’re not in the times of MsDos anymore, today’s computers are able to run larger programs!
Then, after the program is loaded, it does not affect at all the playback of medias. Same goes for BsPlayer. The video playback is still very good. I did not notice any loss in the video playback or speed quality since BsPlayer V1.
It is not because the program has a media library that it will play videos slower!! Or if I am wrong, could anybody explain me why??
And finally, what are the "heavy" features of BsPlayer V2, besides the media library? Nothing! BsPlayer V2 is pretty much like V1. And the media library does not seem bloaty neither.
But the BS media library could be improved in its functions and design. I have tried the WMP11 media library and it is just excellent. I'd like to see this in BsPlayer.

So, to summarize this:
- BsPlayer 2 is not a slow processing program.
- Webteh is right to add new interesting features to their program.

This isn't to disparage ambition but BSPlayer has always excelled at video playback and not much else. It is a mediocre audio player (compared with Winamp) and, based on the initial relase of 2.0, is a fairly shoddy media library.
Hmm that is true. WMP is still my favorite program for MP3/WMA playback, and WinDVD is still my favorite for DVD playback. I will explain in another thread why I still prefer those programs. But I’m sure if we report every problems and requests to the Webteh team, they will work on it, and make a very good program.
If Webteh is serious, we can get a media player that is as good as WMP and Winamp for MP3’s, WinDVD for DVD’s, and BsPlayer for Divx videos!

Why would users buy a product from a company 'on the verge', especially when the product is (politely) still a bit beta buggy?
Because a lot of users noticed that BsPlayer is one of the best players around. Webteh has done a very good job over the years, partly for free! Therefore we can trust Webteh for future improvements. BsPlayer 2 may be buggy, but according to my experience, it is as much usable as V1 for most uses.

Why you just have your uninstaller overwrite the boot sector?

In short, I still trust Webteh.
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