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a media library (a place where to launch the playback of all albums in your hard drive, instead of browsing through folders)
There is nothing wrong if you have to browse the filesystem to find your files. It makes you keep files organized. Because many users know only the Windows built-in media playback functions, lots of computers appeared containing hundreads of audio files in a single directory without common naming conventions and randomly placed AlbumArt JPEG graphics. (Observed in the Direct Connect P2P network.) If you lose the media library you end up before a complete chaos.

They should realize we’re not in the times of MsDos anymore, today’s computers are able to run larger programs!
So that's why today's computers do not appear as fast as they are supposed to be judging by the processor frequency and ammount of RAM. What's the point of having a fast computer then?

Then, after the program is loaded, it does not affect at all the playback of medias.
It indeed does affect playback. If you don't have enough free mem (because it is taken up by bloatware) you can no longer quickly switch to a different background application: sound mixer or a communications application, for example. You can no longer quickly jump to another track in the playlist. I remember that I once was so stupid to install Media Player 7 when it came out. My comp had 96 MB of RAM and the CPU ran at 400 MHz, enough to play back most videos and even emulate N64 sound system, but not for WMP7. It had much trouble switching to a different set of codecs when the file type changed.

Webteh should have followed the example of Winamp at least (if not Foobar2000) where almost every function is optional and can be removed. If you like a media library, you can use it. But you're not forced to do it. If there is a bug in a component, you can remove the faulty one (which you might not even need) and continue to use the application.
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