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It's a question of preference to launch albums playback from Windows Explorer or from a media library. I do both, but I like to have a media library, it's great for making playlists, and to jump quickly from one track to another (from different albums/ bands), I.M.O. I think it is now an essential tool of a media player (a lot of people enjoy the media centers).

I didn't understand your reasoning about fast computer. With old computer you could run Doom 1, but not Doom 3. With today's computer you can run both. The same goes for media players. Old computers: Windows Media Player 6, new computers: Windows Media Player 11 and Media Player Classic.
Before I used BsPlayer, I was using WMP8/9 to read divx videos. My comp had (and still has) a 2.4Ghz processor and 1Gb of Ram. There was no problem reading divx, no lagging and slow downs. My friends have a new computer with 3ghz processor and 2Gb of Ram, there is far enough space and speed to run WMP and Bsplayer together, and even to run other applications. And now there is the dualcore processors: even more apps can be run at the same time.
Now I understand that for people with an older computer, applications like WMP 10 can really slow down everything. So the problem goes down to this: should Webteh develop for 5 years old computers, or should they explore new technologies? Sorry for the owners of old computers, but I would choose the second alternative.

A modular software like what you describe sounds a good idea because it would please the owners of old and new computers. But I wonder if this feature request deserves to be the main priority.
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