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I know this is an old thread, but I joined this board just to ask for this very feature so I'll just add it to this thread.

ATI Fileplayer has this feature and it's the ONLY thing I like about that player. It's a horrible player because the interface is buggy and it's generally coded badly. But that feature all by itself causes me to use it alot because i can fullscreen a video window while websurfing.

It's very important that the window not only have adjustable transparency... and this should be something that could be set to a hotkey or tray icon... but it must ALSO have clickthrough ability. That is the video window must be on top, slightly transparent, and yet not prevent you from clicking or typing on things below.

I believe ATI's code for this program is open source so you could probably figure out how it works if you don't know already. It's an inspired feature. All players should have this so I could drop fileplayer on it's head... horrible horrible player... with one REALLY great feature.
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