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Default bsplayer and multiple users

I have a complaint and a support issue.

1st I'd like to suggest to open "Support" forum in this Board, because beta-testers and payed customers should not treated the same way ( I wouldn't expect a customer to finish your "READ this before posting" article and doesn't get freaked out irritated. So, "Supprt" forum for simple lame users can replace support email, which I haven't found anywhere.
This is also really unprofessional. To sell a product and not to allow any support.

Note I am not very familiar with windows, so ... I get lost in its wood of bugs/features very fast. And this can also help to identify software/design flaws, for which you (maybe :) ) pay money for QA.

End of Complaint.

Support request:
I am your customer, I've purchased BSPlayerPro, now .
The exact build is: version 2.11, build: 940, 21 Aug, 2006.
I am using a windows XP Pro OS ( sp2, updated etc. ). On my machine, all the software is installed only by user "Administrator", but the user that I watch movies with is another one, a regular user.

After installing as Administrator, I have entered the details for "registration", as "Administrator",
and when I use the program as my regular user, I cannot register it.
a little dialog pops up to enter the credentials, but they don't get accepted,
MOST PROBABLY because the registration data is put inside one of the files in:
C:\Program Files\WebTeh\BSPlayerPro
which belongs and is writeable to Administrator.

  • What is the correct installation procedure for multi-user environment ?
  • Is BSPlayerPro aware of user permissions and restrictions under post Win2k Windows Systems ? ( I mean does it create something in C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\Webteh\BSPlayerPro )

Please assist, or refer me to a webpage with the solution,

Best Regards,
a User.
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