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Originally Posted by BSPeter
I quite agree that, if it is fully serving your purpose, .... well why bother and install a newer version. But, on the other hand and to be frank, in such case I wouldn't have asked it either. I'm curious which skin you're using though.

P.S.: This is my (original) Help-to-Help post for version 0.86. As you can see the last time I edited it was mid June this year, so I'm still maintaining it.
(By the way: I don't understand what you're trying to say regarding the right click menu)
It was something of a spur of the moment remove doubt kind of question.

This is the skin im using. Slightly modified from the original to cater to a personal choice in functionality, the open button was changed to a full screen button. Done to get around the vaugly (sometimes) annoying behavour that when you double click the window it'll fullscreen but also toggle pause/play (sometimes its handy to pop a paused video back to fullscreen and play it).

Im not really able to be any more clear as to what it was that put me off 1.0+ specifically. I have this vauge memory that it was something to do with the right click menu, either a change in the order items were listed, or something of the ilk. Maybe at the time the HW Colour Controls function wasn't working(?), this in particular being a feature i use _constantly_ in the .86 build. It may even have been as simple as my skin not working and not being interested in spending the time (however minimal) to make it work given the lack of interest in the expanded feature set.

It's sort of like trying to explain why you hated a movie you saw a couple of years back but don't remember the plot too :/
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