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Default DVD size problems


I just tried the new DVD features of bsplayer 2 (latest version) and it turned to a nightmare! The DVDs are played correctly although with occasional unresponsiveness and lockups when I am opening the preferences or doing something else with the player.

The problem is they are smaller than my TV screen is. The DVD AR is 16:9 so is my TV screen. They should take the whole screen as my 16:9 divx movies do. I have NVIDIA card, TV tool and use anamorphic AR to get the tvout to send the picture correctly. I tried to use panscan to fix the problem but it only got worse in the end. I managed to get the screen to the needed size, but the setting is not remembered correctly! It plays OK for a while but then suddenly reverses back to the shrunken condition. I guess this happens when DVD titles change. It also happens when I go to some menu and then resume playing. I tried the remember pan and scan option but it seems to have no effect at all. The pan and scan begun to change randomly and also affected the normal movies. Finally I was able to bring things under control with switching the auto pan and scan option in the play list. Now divx movies play OK and DVDs are still considerably smaller than they should but better than in the beginning. What should I do? Can someone explain the function of pan and scan and how can I persist it?

And another problem with DVDs. I cannot click the menus with my mouse. At least on the TV. If I press enter the selected menu item is activated and that's all I can do.
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