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Default WHY? Videos randomly jump - skip problem

First of all, i have to say that, this forum is the last chance for me... If my problem can be solved, i will appreciate too much...

MY PROBLEM: I have 3 types of files (Divx , MPEG-2, WMV)
-If I launch Divx or MPEG2 files, my video playback RANDOMLY jumps or skips to a further position... I PLAY THEM THRU HDD, not Disc. MY HDD has just defraged but no help.

After such a jerky, jumping playback i check "movie info" and the jitter is about 11 for 40 second playback. But then i instantly i play the file again, the playback completes without any problem with about 1 JITTER. That's why i experince this jump-skip and high JITTER RANDOMLY... The clues about my system are at below:

1)These videos(Divx and Mpeg2) are commonly captured from TV (with a high bitrate), BUT it also happens to Divx,Xvid files encoded with low bitrates (800-900 kbps).

2)These videos were played very good and without any problem before I format my OS. I was using the same BSPLAYER version, too.

3)I tried plenty of combinations of codecs/filters, uninstalled all K-Liter codec packs, installed codecs single (like Divx, Xvid), but no help.

4)WMV or uncompressed AVI files are fine. No problems with them. I only experience with MPEG-2 or Divx...

5)I also tried disabling overlay and tried internal overlay renderer with no help...

5)My system is that: Intel Pentium 4 2400 MHZ 512KB L2, 768 MB DDR Kingston, Asus GeForce 4 MX440 (Forceware 84.21), Asus 450Watt PSU, Creative SB Vibra 128..

Direct X 9.0c (By default my video card doesn't support DirectX 9 but i can play games very well with DirectX 9).

6)As i said before I was playing all of my videos without any problem, but randomly i get that High Jitter and playback Jumps....

I'm so sorry as my phsyco affected because of that...

-Although my system is strong enough (i'm sure certainly), why does that random playback jumo-sikip, high jitter occur? I have newer had that with lower system WITH the SAME FILES... So, i don't think it might be a hardware problem, i upgraded my video drivers to 84.21, tried video overlay options, tried installing codecs single (Ligos for MPEG2, Divx), BUT NO HELP...

Note: My OS is Windows 2000 Pro + SP4. Also i have plenty of virtual memory...

Sorry for lengthen the topic but i'm so so sorry for that...

Please help...
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