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Default Regression for "Show Time" function

With version 2.11.940, came a "supposed to be" improvement:

* updated 'Show movie time' OSD function, now it can show time, date, movie name...

I don't like the way it works at the moment. Let me explain why.

With version 2.0.937, I could press the 'I' key (by default) to display the same info that shows normally in the main window. Then, whenever I pressed the assigned key to the "Switch time/frames" player function, I could switch/cycle the info displayed by the OSD, that is [time/total length], [time only], [remaining time], [frames] alternately. That is useful in full screen and I make use of it very frequently.

Now, with the advent of the updated Show movie time' OSD function, the info displayed sticks to whatever option has been choosen and can't no more be changed by any key. If I use the key assigned to the "Switch time/frames" player function, the info changes on the main window but not on the OSD anymore. That is a really bad regression for me.

A good compromise would probably be to reserve a key to cycle the info displayed by the OSD (the options set in the preferences would then represent only the initial state) and another one for the main window. Only one key for both windows would have been nice but displaying the filename in the main window doesn't make much sense. That's why I'm talking about a compromise.

On second thought, another possibility, better in my point of view, would be to treat the display of the filename on the screen separately. That way, we could use ,as before, only one key to cycle the info on both windows (OSD/main window). The display of the filename would then be another function specific to the OSD. The newly implemented "Show movie time' OSD function" would serve only to specify the initial setting.

In brief (the best in my point of view):

- One key to show time/frames (ON/OFF);
- One key to cycle the preceding info ( [time/total length], [time only], [remaining time], [frames] alternately) on both windows (OSD/main window);
- One key to display or not the filename on the screen (ON/OFF). That is specific to the OSD;
- The possibility to set the initial displayed info in the preferences for the ones who prefer to have it.

By the way, in the Key definitions list, the line "Show Main Menu" appears two times!
A little mistake...
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