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Default well the list

ok thers a long list and you my friend could not help me with one (so far)
so ill give you and the rest of your users the incomplite list so far:
1/ aspect (the problem you all redy know if you read my original post)

2/ im force to use video rendering "directdraw surface" and not the default video filter becuse when i use the default i get on my pc picture but on my tv i get nothing just black screen with audio but not the video...

3/ on rgb video rendering i cant get bs to load .sub idx and the player get shutdown!!! so now im useing version 2.10 and not BS Player Pro v2.11 940 becuse a lot of error's with sub files.... and yes i read all the post here about this problem and yes i did try to filter manegment and allow intermidiete filters... but with no luck so i removed the new version of bs and now at list he doesent shut down when he trys to load a sub file!

4/ on v2.10 i can load sub but only with video rendering "directdraw surface"... (before i upgrade my nvidia driver i could use any type of video rendering i want...

5/ when thers a lot of things going on the screen i get flickring image on my tv (i meen when the cam move fast or any atoher high speed

all the things listed above make my life a liveing hell!!!
my friend recommend me some different player i can use but i am so in to bs so im not going to try them for now...
the situation now is that im useing v2.10 with no secondery display (clone mode) and what i get on my pc i see on my tv and i love the secondery display mode (becuse then i can work when my hot girlfriend can watch her stupid apisodes on tv) and now its not an option becuse she gets twisted ratio on full screen mode and not the original!
love and peace / (try to help if you know something im not) :shock:
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