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Default some complaints.

1. First of, are we ever going to get support for closed captioning?
2. when i jump ahead (ten seconds) my osd settings is just ignored after the jump and the new osd settings are finished i usually get it back like it was, sometimes i dont this is really anoying.
3. why are screenshots of DVDs in the wrong aspect ratio?
4. when i play a non-dvd file and i close the lid on my laptop (not going in standby) bsplayer is able to remember where i was, but i do the same thing with a dvd and i jumps back to the last "saved" location, we need to be able to either set this ourself or it needs to save more often, like everytime i press pause.
i used to use powerdvd because of that, but now i just use the bookmarks feature, but i would love to be able to just close the lid on my laptop without thinking about it.

5. bsplayer wont play dvds anymore it just says "Open Device" and its greyed out, mplayerc and vlc plays dvds just fine, so whats wrong i really need to play my dvds, this happened after a reinstall of windows and everything.

Yeah, turns out installing an older version solved the dvdplayback problem, however, i got the newest version to play dvds if i inserted the dvd while bsplayer was runing, but that was too anoying also it did for some strange reason crash everytime i added a bookmark.

other than that, thanks for an extremely perfect mediaplayer, I use it everyday, thanks alot. (i've also forced other people to use bsplayer and they're all happy with it :)
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