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To be frank .... no, at least not with respect to your remark re skins that cause you to "loose various features". I would consider that total nonsense, incorrect/unjustified and out of topic with respect to the point you're trying to make. (It only proves you've really very very limited knowledge of BSPlayer's features. By bringing this up as an example you're only weakening your real issue.)
Would you be so kind then, as to load up the "Bat Lite" skin, and tell me where the 'menu' is to be found...? As I have placed my cursor all over this skin and have yet to find it.

Secondly, your remark about 'proving' limited knowledge is an indication of your attempt to be disparaging and insulting. It would be much more helpful for all parties involved if you would refrain from such attempts to be insulting in the future, and try to attempt a more professional manner in your response. Obviously users who post on the forum have a 'limited knowledge' of the product, hence their using the forum to ask questions and report problems. Such remarks do not reflect well on the company, you should realize.

I would appreciate any helpful and informative information which you may be able to offer as far as providing a solution to the items brought up. But please, keep the insults and personal references to yourself.
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