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Default Can't get subtitles and pan-scan on TV out

I have:
- Dell laptop with GeForce Go 7900 videocard (with recently updated drivers)
- Win XP Pro
- BSplayer Pro 2.12

Playing on laptop screen works 100% fine: subitles, custom pan-scan, everything.

However when watching movies on my TV (using TV out), no matter what I do.. I can't get subtitles to render on the TV out display, and I can't get pan-scan to work :(
My TV is a non-widescreen 4:3 model by the way, that's why I'd really to use pan-scan.

I already tried:
  • Using dual-display setup (in windows display settings / nvidia config panel) as well as single "cloned" display
  • Selecting different rendering modes: Internal renderer overlay (default), internal rendering RGB mode, internal rendering RGB overlay, and Overlay mixer
  • Enabling and disabling "Draw subtitles to Overlay surface"
but nothing helps :(

Here's what happens. When playing a movie:, I see the movie in a window on my laptop screen, like this:
* *

and on TV, I see about this:
* *
No subtitles, and custom pan-scan has no effect.

When I switch BSplayer to Fullscreen, the window becomes fullscreen (on laptop screen) and I still see the subtitles, and custom pan-scan works on the laptop output. But the TV output stays the same.

Does anyone know how to get subtitles and pan-scan working on TV out??? :?: :roll:
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