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I recently bought a raptor and went straight to this buffering problem also. And now my system is faster, so I know thats not part of it. I looked on my old HD and I had a different wmpasf.dll file (it is 132kb), whereas on this new HD I have the 237kb version of the wmpasf.dll file.

Ok, so I will refer to the New file as the 237kb file and the old file as the 132kb file.
-Ok, so I go to delete the new file, and about 3 seconds after I click delete on it, it just reappears, like magic. Scroll to bottom of the system32 folder so you can see it refresh/reappear.
-Ok, so I thought lets try paste the old file over the new one, maybe that will fix it. Ok, replace this file with that, yes, ok it is now showing the old wmpasf 132kb file there now. Wait for it......3 seconds......wham old file is AGAIN replaced with the new one..... WTF?
-Ok, maybe it because of the timestamp on the file. The new one has a newer date, so I'll change the old file to a newer date/time than the "new" file. Thought I was being clever. Ok, done, timestamp now current, paste. Whammo, new file AGAIN replaces the old file.
-Only thing I haven't done yet is test in safe mode to see if I get the same results. Not much info on driver so not sure what to do next. Anyone??? :D

-Only big difference is that both HardDrive's are SATA 3.0gb/s. One was setup as an IDE Sata, the new drive with the buffering problem I setup as an AHCI Sata, -properly did it this time. Any of you having this using just IDE/or Sata AHCI etc?
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