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Default AC3 5Ch Audio NOT working in BSPlayer..?

If I play any movie with AC3 5Ch in BSPlayer I can't get the audio work properly, I will only get the audio from 2 front speakers. (creative 5300)

Audio is coming from all of the speakers if I use Power DVD or similar, but I don't want to use them ;)

In BSPlayer properties I have selected 6 Speaker mode:

In the Audio page I can choose between "InterVideo Audio decoder" & "Cyberlink Audio decoder"

If I choose InterVideo Audio decoder and start to play the movie and then right click the movie and choose "Properties/InterVideo Audio decoder" I will get this screen:

so there is that 6 speaker mode disabled... I don't know how to enable it..?

if I choose the "Cyberlink Audio decoder" in the BSPlayer Audio page and then during the movie go to "propertis/Cyberlink Audio decoder" I will get this window:

but the sound is coming still from the 2 front speakers..
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