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Default Playing videos from Panasonic TZ3 camera

The Panny TZ3 camera can can record beautifully looking (yes, really - but pictures a bit suxx, tough...) movies in mov format that is 640 x 480 at 30fps. Because I will don't like to install orginal Quick Time, I use the QT alternative codec pack from there:
Latest at the time used, v1.81 of the Quick Time alternative.

Now in most players the image went only for second and then halt and only sound is going on. Older KMplayer on just Athlon 1.1Gjz SOMETIMES play the whole movie fine, but then it mostly do as the others - play just a second of video and then play only audio for the rest...

And yes, they play well in the QuickTime or Media Player Classic.

20MB example of TZ3 camera output:

(it's just my backyard and czech comments on how the cam did not allow you to zoom in video and such... no nasty pornography, lol ...maybe next time...)

The interesting thig - these videos play w/o a glitch in latest KMplayer or in even old Media Player Classic v6.4.7.5 ...!!! Hence this must be a BSplayer BUG!
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