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Hmmm, so, bad news.
The bug persist.

I tried twelve times play the movie on the stepbro Athlon 1.1Ghz oldie machine with XP winblows. All twelve times it hang in KMplayer - I mean of course just the video hang and stop playing, rest (audio) is fine as well as the player itself.

Then I tried the Media Player Classic v6.4.7.5 (I will not update it, never versions has stripped the bik playback, so, no way!) and in all twelve cases the video was played w/o a hiccup on the same relatively slow machine.

So now the 3Ghz Opteron test. And quess what! In all twelve test cases the KMplayer hangs the video playback just like on the stepbro machine...! And also in all cases it never happen with Media Player Classic v6.4.7.5. Hmmm.

However it hang the same way in orginal Microsoft Media Player v6.4.09.1125 as well s the never v8... And I decided to try my v9 of the Win Media Player and quess what - it hang the video too after a first second.

Good news is that BSplayer is NOT alone in this bug. Bad news is that there ARE players capable of playing this video w/o a problem. BSplayer it just is not ready for Panasonic TZ3 camera (probably many more that just this one, probably all from their current production...) movies.
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