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Originally Posted by adicoto
Refresh rates and v-sync have nothing to do. V-sync it's related to frame displaying (24-30 fps) while refresh rates usually are 75-120 Hz (1/sec)
How do you map those 24 frames of a movie to a 85 refresh cycles of the display? You could write the current frame disregarding at which position the electron beam of the display is, or you can wait while the beam reaches the bottom of the screen and the blanking interval starts.

I've heard that M$ Direct3D always has Vsync ON, angering some gamers. But apparently BSPlayer's default renderer (overlay mixer?) is not affected.

Does this vsync also affect to secondary display (TV)?
I have no way of testing that (lack of a S-Video receiving hardware). In fact I don't even know at what rate the S-video of common video adapters works. Does it switch standards or always output PAL compatible (in this case a video that's not PAL would look very jerky)? You can easily test it yourself if you have half an hour of time.
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