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The article indeed incorrectly describes some technical details. The author also claims that the videoadapter is sending more frames to the display than the display is able to draw. In fact the monitor outputs every frame it receives unless the rate is so high that the monitor has to turn itself off as a measure of safety (usually with a graphical error message on modern displays). What the author really meant is that with V-Sync off the frame buffer (inside the videoadapter itself) may get updated multiple times during a single redraw.

How does it sincronize ? It does not need, as the refreshing rates for both TV and monitor, are greater than human eye perception
The 50 or 60 redraws per second were once chosen due to imperfect DC power sources at that time. The AC component with frequency different from the field/frame rate would produce visible flicker on the output image. [1] So these quick changes are indeed noticeable even to the human eye. There is also a perceptible difference between 25 and 50 fps material, most noticeable in quick motions that require more frames to be perceived smootly. A ready source of 50/60 fps to test are true interlaced videos, deinterlaced with Bob method.

This article it's [..] not related to displaying a constant framerate as when playing a video file.
A video game in this context is no different than a movie. Both are video sources with an arbitrary framerate that must be displayed on a fixed rate video display.

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