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Exactly, you re right that VMR9 and advanced renderer is defacto todays standard, and it alows us to use GPU power . I am using also ffmpeg libavcodec.dll for mpeg decoder, but I have noticed that it is not reliable about fps, and its resaults are still much dependable of CPU's architecture even with precompiled versions for certain platform! Video does not play continuously but decoder trying to compensate lags and frequently chage fps. So I see faster and slower video, and it is noticable to much for professional purposes, less on Intel's than Amd's platforms but syndrome still exists.
I am trying right now with ligos, gabest mainconcept, canopus
and elecard solutions, and I can say that ffmpeg have unreliable performances comparing to them. I miss ffmpeg's filters and its configuration console but still I can use all of them independently.

It's out of topic but... :)

I am wondering if someone of developing crew would answer me about my original question?

Best regards,
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