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it seems that you guys are in a mess just like me before :(

i know, BSplayer got some bugs when playing mkv file, no subs, and all... but i love BSplayer so much and it seems that, im not sure if this solution would apply the same to you guys, but in my case, i MANAGED to get the subs played in mkv, and managed to make the mkv file played smoothly from beginning till the end. here's what i've done:

considering you guys already done what it need to show the subtitle in BSplayer option such as in preferences>filter management>tick both 'allow immediate filters' and 'enable advanced graph building' AND in preferences>subtitles>tick the 'subtitles disabled' and go to 'VobSub' tab, check the both option in there.

ok, now:

1-I install the latest k-lite mega codec full pack (version 3.6.5), yes, the MEGA, not the common one.(make sure to uninstall any other codecs first)

2-after that, i go to the ffdshow video decoder option that can be found at start menu>program>k-lite codec pack>ffdshow video decoder. the page at the right side of the window, you could see what kind of decoder is used for which codecs to apply to. noticed that the H.264/AVC the decoder for it is disabled (as default). click at 'disabled' and select 'libavcodec'. click ok.

3-now when you play mkv file, the subtitle should be showing by now (in my case, yes there's sub). notice at the taskbar where there's green arrow showing up too (vobsub).

4-double-click the vobsub, go to 'Misc' tab, tick the 'Pre-buffer subpictures' only IF its not tick yet. this is to make the video decoding become smoother, and there wont be like the video slowing down and the voice go play ahead without sync with the frame (in my case). and you're done.

and again, i dont know if these are applied to other users. but for me, it works like a charm tonight. i just wanted to share it with others. so... i would like to apologize if what i give out here didnt make the subtitle appear for mkv file.

feel free to try though.. :)

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