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Hi MaartenKoops
Here you can find few programming threads that have been posted on this forum in the past years:

I hope at least one of these can help you in your project..
Anyway I never programmed in C#, only in C and VB, but there could be problems in your code.. First of all, I suggest you to check if you really get BSplayer's handle IntPtr windowHandler = PInvokeWindow.FindWindow("BSPlayer"); , if it's greater than 0 you found it, otherwise there's a problem. Plus BSPlayer is the name of the Class of BSplayer control window (its window name is "BSplayer") and the name of the Window of BSplayer video window (its class is "BSPVideoWindow"), maybe you should take the handle to it by searching for Window+Class (I don't remember if it's case sensitive, but if this is the case, you can't get the handle to bsplayer window until a video window is displayed, and you can't pass commands to BSplayer)

What hWndDest is there for? you should only pass the pointer to the window (or in C# you have to do this?? I don't know.. :roll: )

As a test, maybe start to send a simpler command, such as PAUSE, PLAY or similar instructions (there you don't have to pass strings and in my opinion it's simpler to find a problem in your own code)

I hope you'll be successful in your project, and if this happen please post here how you fixed it.
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