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Default Choppy/jittery video regardless of zoom...

Hi all-

I have the latest version of BSPlayer, and whenever I go to play some videos, it's really jittery, as though it would advance several frames, jump back a few, then advance some more. So the action progresses, but it's really really choppy.

Now, I don't think the problem lies with BSPlayer itself, since I get the same effect when I try to play these videos in Media Player. The videos are pretty high-quality .ogm's, and I think the problem might lie with my codecs. You guys seem fairly knowledgeable about this stuff, so I thought I'd ask anyway. :)

I tried searching, but only found some posts about the video being chopy at 200% zoom...not exactly the same as what I'm experiencing.

My friend sent me a .dll that fixed it for him, but it hasn't worked for me. Is there another file out there that you guys can recommend that might fix my issue?

Thanks for your help.
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