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You're correct, I screwed up when typing. I inadventantly reversed the ".03" and ".02" numbers - my error. But that doesn't alter the compatibility problem that DivX brought on with 5.03!! I had 4 systems that were using 5.03. None of the 5.02 systems could play back any 5.03 files. On the DivX forum there has been literally hundreds of people who have found _EXACTLY_ the same problem. If your systems have compatibility between 5.02 and 5.03 it appears that you are the only person in the world who can do so. In an attempt to correct this flagrant problem, the DivX team has "rushed" out beta 5.04 that corrects part of the problem, but seems (from preliminary reports) to bring on other problems. Typically of the "thrash and burn" DivX team, it seems.

I'm not here to knock DivX as it is an important compression algorythm that benefits everyone. But to help a fellow user, he needs to be aware that there are pitfalls in some cases. A good example is right here on this forum. The BSPlayer is FAR superior to the DivX TEams player - by a hell of a distance. Another example: the ffdshow decompressor (it's not a codec, as such) is also far superior to the decompression that the DivX Team provides. IMHO, the DivX TEam did a great job in leading the charge for compression that got us out from under the grip of M$, but for the last 2 or 3 releases, they've been floundering.
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