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" None of the 5.02 systems could play back any 5.03 files."
Excuse me, but are you serius?It would be a compatibility problem IF the 5.03 version could not playback files encoded with the 5.02 version.. according to that you should be able to playback divx 5.02 files with divx 3.11 installed? it's almost like installing Office XP on a windows 3.11 based machine and expect it to work right!
I installed 5.03 and removed it but not because i had any problems on playback.i guess you might get some problems if you do not unistall the 5.02 or whatever version you have,before you install the new one. that's your problem can't blame the codec .
Actually i removed the new version because there's no option to control the data rate anymore and i prefear quality instead of file size ..the divx team promised to fix that soon and anyway i think that the future compatibility with stand alone devices worths the trouble.
And one more thing- the "divx team" does not exist anymore.. it's a company with trademarks and all.. if you are looking for open projects and "teams" you should switch to xvid or something
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