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Default [NEW Version] HWmaker & HWlauncher

Homepage: Welcome to



Version 2.6 Alpha 11
New HWmaker can now properly open and build multi-videos ini files!
New HWlauncher now properly display long video file names
New HWlauncher can now properly open multi-videos!
New HWmaker saves larger cover's path
New Better image support for HWlaunher
Fix HWmaker can now load and save the Custom Settings correctly
Removed HWmaker always remembers the initial directories, no option to choose not to remember anymore
New The settings had been changed.
New HWmaker auto-displays now the compilation's size in MBytes and prevents you (optionally) to proceed if there is no available space!
New HWlauncher can now be placed inside a folder, displays any image which is placed inside it and let you choose the video file if there is more than one!
New HWmaker supports .mkv files!
Fix The multi-videos path problem has been fixed.
New Supports up to 30 video files!
New Load and Save Compilation buttons
Fix Bug fixes on autoplaying video files with no ini/bsi files
New HWlauncher can now automatically crop and display a full cover
New HWmaker saves larger cover's path
Removed Support for bsplayer <1.00
Removed Doesn't auto-save or auto-load anymore
Fix Major bug fix in HWlauncher in loading many video files using one ini file.
Fix Fixed Videos Folder button.
New HWmaker can now automatically find files inside subfolders!
New Better and more simple wizard guide
New HWmaker is now more user-friendly and it has simple and advanced interface
New The latest version of BSplayer (2.34.980) is supported
Fix A lot of bug fixes
Please read BSPeter's Help2Help topic

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