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You're talking Apples and Oranges!! A lot of people swap movies on CD's. Movies compressed with 5.03 then sent to a friend or relative that still has 5.02 will have a problem. And, NO, they don't have to update to 5.03 because if you've been watching the DivX forums, 5.03 has given a healthy percentage of people fits after the install.

And your wrong in a BIG way when you say the DivX team doesn't exist any more. The same same basic group of people are still running the DivX show. The difference is now they've formalized the company as a profit source. No surprise here as they stated that this was their intention from day one. If you knew what you were talking about you would have been aware of this little fact. You need to look into things before your rattle off garbage.

And, YES, it's very easy to "knock" the poor state that the DIvX codec has stalled at, there are a number of DivX decompressors that are far superior to the DIvX Teams output. ffdshow, for one!

Lastly, congratulations in getting smart and dumping 5.03 - try 5.04 it's a little bette. Almost as good as 5.01.
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