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Default bsplayer color controls/nvidia forceware

I should start by saying the color controls of BSplayer are one of my favorite features of it because of the numerical representation --- not just some approximate slider. I can remember the settings I like, and go back to them.

But that comes at a price because there are just a bunch of problems.

I currently have the 178.24 driver which is the latest official one which supports my card, and I think 169.21 before that.

The biggest difference though is only that the VMR mode's controls would continue working longer than the current ones --- of which the VMR mode's controls don't work at all.

Here is the problem. There are any number of different programs --- powerdvd, the amazon unbox player for examples, that if they are running before BSpalyer has initialized a window, the color controls just don't work at all. If bsplayer is closed, they won't work when it is re-opened. --- unless those other programs are closed first. The difference is those programs color controls do work irregaurdless.

Then there is VLC media player's (which by the way I would use a lot less if I could simply open more than one bsplayer session at a time) --- if its color controls are used, it basically permanently breaks BSplayer's color controls for the remainder of the windows session --- have to restart to get them back (which again since I can only open 1 bsplayer at a time usually means I have to finish watching a bunch of mpc or vlc clips or lose my spot).

If I had a choice I would leave my system on all the time or make it hibernate (and there's another thing bsplayer has to be closed befor hibernation or that breaks the color controls to --- also makes it crash when it comes back up).

I suppose I should have mentioned at the top I'm using version 2.24 still but, I've seen nothing in the changelog that appears to address this.

I realize your response may just be that its the video drivers fault but --- since these other programs don't have the same problems, I have to think there is something that you could do to fix this.
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