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Originally Posted by BSPeter
Originally Posted by In my Help2Help-post 'READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING' I
Pause movie and use right (and left) arrow keys to step through the movie
(Depends also on the possibilities of the decoder/filter used!)
Yeah, I read it. I'm not completely dumb. See:

Originally Posted by Technoir
Now, the shortest length I can skip is 1 second. Is there a way to skip frame to frame now, and I'm just missing it, or was it removed?
If I pause and use the arrow keys, the shortest length it skips is 1 second. It doesn't go frame by frame. I've even messed around with settings, and it doesn't make a difference.

If I could figure out how to do the frame stepping thing that's supposed to be a feature, then I wouldn't really have to worry about the skipping problem. But everywhere I look, it just says the player HAS the frame stepping feature, but no information on how to actually do it. Could you give me some insight there?
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