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Default Video opens with fake zoom Level (Aspect Ratio?)

Having an old version of Bsplayer (1.41, i know it's old), as i tried with numerous Mpeg or WMV files, with some of them, when i open one of them, the video is opened smaller or bigger than it should be.

After opening some of videos, everytime i have to press "2" (Zoom Level %100) to fix video to its original size in Bsplayer. It's weird that some of Mpeg (using MediaConcept 1.0.78 decoder) and WMV (built-in WMV decoder of XP SP2) files open as original(as it should be, with %100 Zoom Level) with no problem but some them open in incorrect-fake "Zoom Level" and the only solution is to press "2" eveytime.

Quick hint, though one of my video's native size is 480x480, and after i open it, during playback i have to press "2" to see it in its original Zoom Level (size), then press ALT+3 to go to "Movie Info", then look at "Video Size" field, i see:

What does that mean? (See screenshot below):
The entire text in "Video Size" field: "480x480, Aspect: 4:3 (640x480)".

When i open the video below and press "2" (Zoom to %100), it gets slightly bigger:

No-problem-having videos has only one size in that field (no Aspect:) as in the screenshot below:

It's a complete disappointment that the fake video size had forced me to view the video in wrong zoom level.

Note: Unchecking "Keep Aspect Ratio" gave NO effect about problem.

What's the reason? I have other friends having same issue with Bsplayer!

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