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Originally Posted by adicoto
Like I replyed by mail, for such a file, probably my setting was allready memorised by BSPlayer wich opened the file at a larger resolution, but with the correct aspect ratio !
Like you stated here, your problem it's in Aspect ratio and not in resolution. Your file it's 480x480 with a pixel aspect of 4:3 that should be 640x480 as real image resolution.
Well, my problem is about seeing initial(when opened by Bsplayer) dimension (size) different than the one when i press "2" on some videos. The video is opened nor 480x480 or 640x480, it opens in something like 480x360 or like that (found dimensions by gathering screenshot print-screen and selecting in mspaint)

So, just one answer, is it normal to see a 480x480 labeled movie as 640x480 when i press "2" (fixing Zoom Level to %100)? Isn't it a bug or miscalculation in Bsplayer?

Shouldn't Bsplayer open it in the same size like when i press "2" ?

Or forget everything, you can test what i've sent via mail(the video i've sent is different from the one in that topic, but having same issue) :) Just open file, then press "2", you'll see the change.

That were the things i want to know.

Note: In preferences of Bsplayer, i don't have any "Remember..." settings about Movie window size or kinda. So there wouldn't be any relationship about it.

Very thanks for caring that topic.
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