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Thanks Tizio for your detailed information.
On my desktop computer i have same video size reported in Movie Info for Zira V1.wmv:
720x576, Aspect: 11520:8640 (768x576) and also granted everything you said about the first video(Zira V1.wmv), on my PC video also starts at: 720x540px (4:3 Aspect Ratio) and the rest is same as what you stated.

Peter, as you confirmed the second one, also in my desktop computer (using same BSplayer version and same video file, Nescafe.mpg), Movie Info is shown as:
352x240, Aspect: 4:3 (320x240)

On another computer that uses same video file (Nescafe.mpg) and Bsplayer, Movie Info is shown as same as yours:
352x240, Aspect: 704000:439440 (384x240)
(Also i wonder why there is difference on both computers, both have 1024x768 as desktop res.)

But the change becomes on either computers when i press "2" that fixes video size to given aspect ratio resolution in Movie Info.

However, to understand Tizio's excellent informations, as a summary, is the issue based on video file not with Bsplayer?...

Anyway, there are more files with different formats having same issue, and as i stated previously, some of them are fine (They only have one resolution reported in Movie Info, with no "Aspect" addition).

However, the things are a bit confusing, hope i didn't bother anyone and thanks for caring it.
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