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Default Automatic aspect ratio


I run a laptop as HTPC through a 16:9 plasma display using a 4:3 resolution.
This odd combo is the preferred one for this display, but leads to AR problem as 4:3 desktop enlarges to 16:9.

What does the trick is setting BSP to anamorphic AR, solving the AR former problem.

The thing is that I manually have to select everytime this AR setting; it does not remember the former AR; although option appears checked it is necessary to select it again.

Using preferences>playlist>aspect>anamorphic avoids the issue of selecting it for every file but, when I play a 4:3 file this anamorphic shows a real 4:3 (side letterboxed) when I really want to fill the display.

Aside from that, if I check 4:3 on that file for easier viewing (filling the display), everytime I pause, FFD or RWD it changes again to the Anamorphic setting.

So, I would to know if it is possible:

1. to use that automatic setting (preferences>playlist>aspect>anamorphic) but to keep any change I make until video is stopped (that's how it should be)

2. to remember last AR used effectively, i.e. no need to reselected it again for every new file.

Thank you

P.S.: v2.31 on Win XP Pro SP3

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