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Default [CONFIRMED] Problem with switching audiostreams in MKV+Haali

Recieved a letter about a bug in BS.Player from one user, checked it, and now posting here.
Problem with MKV files with 2 or more audio streams. For example, we have an MKV video file with 3 audio streams: 1 - English, 2 - Russian AC3, Russian DTS. When begin playing, BS.Player enable first - English. Then I press a hotkey Shift+S and audio switching to second stream. Again Shift+S - now third stream. But! When I'm pressing Shift+S again, it switching not on first stream, but on second. Pressing Shift+S switching second and third streams, but never return on first. I must go to menu and choose first stream by mouse.
If MKV has 2 streams, then it switching ionly on second stream, and on first not returning.
P.S.: with AVI-container works normally, problem only with MKV
Russian translations of BS.Player here:
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