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Default A not understood audio sync issue w/ MKV

Been very, very happy with BS.Player. Have used it for years. Just got one little problem I cant quite nail down...

Have had this occur with several .mkv files from alternate sources... they may or may not have been encoded by the same ppl but thats neither here nor there. The only thing that they really share in common is dual audio tracks.

So here it is.... the longer the file plays the further the audio comes out of sync (oos). Pause it, play it, audio restored (momentarily) to quickly start to go oos again... some files more quickly then others. Tried the ctrl+shift+l/r to try and fix it... took me and my slow wits a little space to realize that it not so much a band aid as a thought of a possible pretend band aid to be named at a later date, maybe.

Normally it is occurring with just one of the two audio streams, but sometimes both.

Now it isnt always oos in the samy direction. The lions share of them, the audio is spooling faster than the viz. A fraction of them is reversed ie faster viz than sound. And though I havent.... yet, gotten anal enough to do time test of disparity rates... gods forfend the geek in me. To my semi-casual insection there seems to be differing rates of separation between videos.

Anyone got a clue?
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