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Can you also test this with other DVDs? Maybe it's a problem with that particular DVD format. Have you tried to play the DVD directly from the DVD Drive instead of from the decrypted source?
Like I said, other DVDs might be just fine, this one (and a few others) might have this issue.

One more thing: the latest PowerDVD version (Ultra) which uses the Cyberlink decoder (quite obvious, since it's the same company who developed PDVD) is also playing this DVD like MPC. Which makes me wonder if this is not some BSP Pro bug, and perhaps not the MPEG-2 decoder's fault.

I noticed for a few seconds while changing videos that some intros are appearing all messed with no image and some lines showing in the screen... I never noticed the same problems using MPC/PowerDVD or any other player for that matter. Honestly, this looks like more a problem in BSP Pro core.

I wasn't able to find the Gabest MPEG-2 Decoder anywhere on the internet (if you know where it is please let me know). Perhaps it's a native decoder built inside the MPC exe file?

Media Player Clasics uses indeed Gabest MPEG2 decoder and dvd source. BSPlayer can also use them.
How? Sorry if I am asking a newbie question, but once I have the necessary files (from this decoder), how should I proceed to force BSP Pro to use them?

You can download and install them from site, in Guliverkli2 projects.
Unless I am looking in the wrong place, they are not there. I was able to find different things, not sure if there is one MPEG-2 decoder.

I recall testing some DVD and found that some features won't work at first look. But after playing around a little with the mouse, I found a small spot on which the mouse get active.
It's not a mouse problem, because the keyboard is also not responding. When you are looking into the DVD root menu, you have two choices: either you select the options (and move the cursor) by moving the mouse (which is quite difficult sometimes), or you'll use the keyboard (UP, down, right/left). If your keyboard is not responding, then either the authoring was messed or it's a decoder/player problem.

Perhaps the fact that BSP Pro doesn't have any MPEG-2 decoder built in natively, while all other players (even paid ones) have, and by using other MPEG-2 decoders, you are missing some possible bugs that might be only corrected by future changes in the core.

I asked a while ago if MPC was totally reliable in this matter (playing DVDs), and look what the Doom9 board/users replied:

MPC's DVD navigation code isn't exactly perfect - not surprising considering you cannot get the specs without coughing up a lot of money and signing an NDA. I own a couple hundred DVDs and play them mostly with MPC and there's plenty that have navigational hiccups whereas they play just fine on a standalone (never bothered with PowerDVD when MPC was able to play DVDs with navigation) - so if you have PowerDVD or another licensed DVD player playing the discs properly, I'd look for the error in MPC.
As Doom9 stated DVD navigation is not 100% in MPC.
Preferred software players would be Showtime, VLC or PowerDVD. I find MPC has some problems, too.
I heard MPC had some problems with the navigational playback.
Anyway, I don't have the original disc with me, but I will let you know in the future if other titles are showing the same problem. I intend to decrypt my entire collection.

I heard that LOST was one of the titles that were taking advantage of massive protections, it was a tough choice to be decrypted (some discontinued softwares/old versions would not work properly with it, or will require additional steps).

Since I was able to decrypt this disc with DVDFab (which is updated very often, and worked on two different programs, that must be somehow a BSP (or decoder) problem).
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