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OK, I am lost. I have the MPEG-2 decoder, but it's only a file:
Taken from Gabest MPEG-2 Video Decoder

What should I do now? To make that file appear as "Gabest MPEG2 filter" in the BSP Pro filter screen?

EDIT: While I was able to register the filter, I just find out something new.

It wasn't just the MPEG-2 decoder from Gabest. Now that I have choosen to "not use" (in the filter merit) the Cyberlink Video/SP Decoder (PDVD9), I can't see the cursor in the screen anymore.

Then I just find out that MPC is using another filter called "DVD Navigator". Probably that filter is connected to the MPEG-2 decoder. Without it, you can't enter the DVD menus, or even see the cursor, even if it's static.

I looked the BSP Pro filter options and find out a filter called "DVD Navigator", but it wasn't him. When used, it was reffered as "DVD source".

So what I need to find now it's the origin of the "DVD Navigator" filter from MPC, and use it on BSP Pro. I have no idea where does it come from...

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