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Looks like this is not an isolated problem.

I tried to decrypt Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the region 1 edition).

At first, I noticed the original disc didn't have the AUDIO_TS folder (which is always empty, but it must be there). DVDFab Platinum keeps loading the disc forever, and stays that way (I thought the disc was faulty). But then, I tried AnyDVD and it can read the disc, which is odd. While AnyDVD was running, I simply copy-pasted the files into my hard drive.

Then I opened the decrypted disc/files using:

MPC HomeCinema;
BSPlayer Pro;
Power DVD Ultra/last version

Well, I didn't noticed the cursor problem from LOST in the TMNT movie (like I said earlier, it was only happening on LOST), while using BSP Pro. The cursor was there, and I was able to enter any of the DVD options (if the cursor doesn't show up, you won't be able to do that).

But I noticed something very odd (and the same thing happened with MPC). While watching the movie, if you try to change chapters, you will be able to, but if you click in another period of time (the time bar), there's a great chance both players will freeze and you will have to close them using control + alt + del. They will simply stop responding.

Then I tried to do the same thing using PowerDVD. It didn't stop responding. In fact, it was all normal and playing just fine. If I am watching the movie and wanted to click in the time bar to advance the video to 54m25s for example, I will be able to.

This is all very strange, and makes me wonder if MPC-HC suffers from navigation problems from the old and discontinued MPC project (Gabest didn't changed the core anymore since 2006), and if BSP Pro can also have the same issues.

I asked you if there's a way to use the "DVD Navigator" filter, but if MPC is already using and have this TMNT problem (while PDVD is not), something is not right here.

Maybe I am missing some decrypting issues that might affect some players that are dealing with this in a different way than others?
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