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Hey, yeah I've been having the same problem. Primarily it's used when I'm watching a hardsubbed (where the subtitles are built in to the video, as opposed to using an external file) anime episode. In the opening, the Japanese words are supposed to be on the top, with the english translation on the bottom. They are both supposed to be in a custom font chosen by the fansubbers.

However, in BSPlayer, it only shows the Japanese text inth opening, on the bottom, in a default Arial font. This problem continues further in the episode, when two people are talking at once. When viewed in other players, it shows two lines of subtitles, both in English. Again, only one line is shown in this player.

I've switched to BSPlayer from VLC as my primary .mkv file player, due to VLC making the fiels stutter a lot, but I'm going to have to switch back and endure the sturttering if I can't fix this problem.

I've seen the option to enable secondary subtitles, but all that does is puts a second line of the same subtitles at the top of the screen, in a different color.

I'd really appreciate your help if you could! Thanks!
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