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Hi all,

Been looking if the problem was already reported so im glad im not the only one.

I can confirm the problem, but i have it with different files, namely normal AVIs (XVID) with 2 Audio Streams. The exact problem here is that once i switch the audio stream, BSP will keep cycling between Stream2 and PlayAll. From that point forward there is no way to get back to Stream1 anymore, except via the context menu.

For better illustration:

Default Stream1 [switch] Stream2 [switch] PlayAll [switch] Stream2 [switch] PlayAll, etc.

Default Stream2 [switch] PlayAll [switch] Stream2 [switch] PlayAll [switch] Stream2, etc.

As you can see, a movie starts fine with Stream1 if/when Stream1 is set as default, but as soon as you switch away from Stream1 BSP will not switch back to it anymore. When on the other hand Stream2 is set as default then you wont get to Stream1 even once because BSP starts switching between Stream2 and PlayAll right away.

This behaviour started with version 2.40_997. With version 2.36_990 (and earlier) the same videos can be stream-switched just fine. The version i tried was the Free version in case it matters, (for now back to 2.36 because of the issue), but i assume it should be the same with any other 2.40 as well.

Also, ive noticed that switching the audio stream now results in pausing the video every time. I think this behaviour actually started with 2.36. This was not so with earlier versions though, so if that isnt done by design then there is more wrong than just the Stream1 issue.

Well, i guess that was it, if you need any other infos or details, just let me know.

Regards and keep up the good work,

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