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Weel, I didn't want to confront aybody anyway. I'm really really newby at this, you're the expert and I came here looking for a solution ;-). I looked for it very hard and I just wanted to share my findings by the case someone could be interested.

I dont even knew what ASS/SSA mode was until you mentioned it (and after visiting wikepedia), but I'm using two .srt different subtitles files to get what I want, which is watching two subtitles, both the O.V. and the one in your own language (Spanish in my case, so please forgive my bad English).

And now and if you don't mind to light my mind... I would like to ask to an expert if there is a way to save my preferences so I don't have to repeta the same every time I want to open a file (I've seen how to save your "preferred" language, but this does not solve the issue): Load both .srt files (once by each subtitle), and set primary and secondary subtitles.

Thank you a lot,
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